Your beauty is intimidating

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Here are his exact thoughts that go through his mind and where the all come from.

You tug on his self-esteem and makes the question who or what they are: AND all that is only the tip of the intimation they feel and what they experience in their head.

You can now get on with your life and start focusing on enjoying yourself and the new connections you're going to make.

I brought it up because, based on my past, and what I've become today - I KNOW THE NICE GUY from the inside out and I'm going to share the mindset he has deeply rooted in his brain which is causing all the intimidation AND making it very difficult for you to find one, let alone, date one.Not lastly - as this is something you may have already experienced... Those are typically guys who live in your friends zone until they either grow tired and can not handle the pain of being around you all the time, listening to you talk about other men, all without ever being something more to you - they then move on to another woman is slowly remove themselves from your life entirely.The probably more important questions that arise from discussion so far becomes: Knowing what you now know - do you still want a "nice guy" OR what I proposed to men - a GOOD guy who isn't feeling all the intimidation, limited beliefs, and negative emotions around a beautiful woman?Your first step is to take an objective look at where, when, and how you meet men and quickly decide if that's needs to be changed immediately.Your SOLUTION then is simply learning a different way to communicate with ALL men which will do several things: You want a guy to be with you and stick around for the right reasons (and not just because he's physically attracted to you) so you must learn the skill to do that while at the same time eliminating the wrong guys from your dating life.

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