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That’s why it’s important to try and fix whatever is causing the problem, so you can get back up and running in no time.Here in this article, we will provide a few solutions that should help you out when Battlenet won’t start up, and get you back in the game!As for the actual content, it'll entail the perilous Barrens [chat] for Horde and Westfall for the Alliance. You'll also start at level 15 (Blizzard says this is to smartly ensure that you have some interesting skills and don't immediately get bored auto-attacking) and can only level to 19.There will be no world PVP (just dueling) and no dungeons in the Blizz Con demo, just leveling content.If you play for 60 minutes, you’ll be disconnected and then have to wait 30 minutes before you can play again." Blizzard will lift the sanctions "as feasibly as [they] can" after the demo drops.] Just recently Blizzard announced that Blizz Con virtual ticket holders would be able to access the demo at home right alongside actual Blizz Con attendees.But as announced this week, it'll also retain the same restrictions and essentially function as the exact same experience.

If you’re on Mac, you’ll need to locate the Battlenet launcher executable on your system, open up the Info Window, and check inside the Sharing & Permissions section to verify whether the program has both Read & Write privileges.Click on the lock icon to edit your settings, and select “Read & Write” from the dropdown menu.At some point, you’re likely to have had some trouble accessing a certain web page because a cached file on your PC has become corrupted.Unfortunately, they may sometimes block your client, with the result that your app won’t start..If you’re using a third-party program, then be sure to create an exception for Battlenet.

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