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However all that changed when I met "her" during my business trip to asia a couple of months ago.Yup,"her"...she's one of the alumnus of this school in france that I'm representing..first time I met her we instantly clicked.She and I can't stop talking the whole night..our friend left back to his room.I saw her struggling to type on my laptop,she was so cute..somehow I couldn't find myself resisting her..I went over and kissed her.At the time you are too young and there are too many other fish in the sea.In later years you have used them as a bench mark of the minimal level of romance required for potential partners and never quite match it. Our current society has a problem in that a third of all adults are now single - and growing.My family loves her; mom,dad,my grandma,my younger sister,my friends..only person that doesn't get along with her and vice versa is my youngest sister.

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We live and learn and later regret is clearly the message. When young it was easy to love and leave and I never thought anything of it.We both met when she was backpacking through Australia with her friend.while she was backpacking,she worked part time the company I was working for.It's these kinds of behaviors that got her into so much debts back in the UK.(Yes she's english and recently I had to declare bankruptcy on her behalf.) I don't normally mind these issues, they never really bothered me. In the last 4.5 years she's not only been my girlfriend,but she's also my partner.

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