Wisconsin lesbian dating

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Hometowners will probably be quick to share what they love about Madison—the lakes, the parks, the food scene, the tech community, the Badgers and more.

There’s a reason Madison ranks high on many “best places to live” polls, including Wallet Hub’s 2017 “happiest places to live” study that placed Madison 15th overall compared to 150 other U. cities in the areas of emotional and physical well-being; income and employment; and community and environment. A “transitioner” in Madison is someone who doesn’t consider Madison a place to put down roots.

Pew reports that in the past 10 years, the share of these solo adults climbed to 42 percent from 39 percent in 2007.

So if living situations are shifting, local dating scenes like Madison’s have likely changed, too.

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We can’t tell you if this is the place you’ll find a good match, but we can identify some types of people you might meet in the Madison area, as well as some ideas for date nights.In Madison’s dating scene, you’ll meet a few “hometowners”—people who love living here and have no intention of leaving the area.These are the potential partners who might be looking for marriage and a family.Think of this as a conceptual speed dating experience to familiarize yourself with the Madison dating scene.Do any of these types of people check a box on your list? Here are eight types of people you’ll find in the Madison area dating scene, as well as some ideas for a great date night.

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