Why is dating in nyc so hard

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One of the top things I get asked by friends who have visited NYC but never lived here is why it’s so hard to date.

I’ve thought about this a lot in the five years I’ve called myself a New Yorker, but tonight while walking home, I came up with a summary.

But I’d like to see present-day statisticians take a whack at this, mathematically.

Soma did a pretty awesome job visualizing the # of singles in the US, but as you can see from the beautiful, adjustable map (that you need an updated Java plug-in to view), NYC has some of the most singles per capita, so this still doesn’t explain why dating is hard. Say you are exiting the subway on one of those elevated platforms that have swinging doors before the stairs, like on the J/M line (such as I did today).

“We have this mentality of, ‘Why should I settle for Susan, who’s beautiful and smart, when I could turn the corner and meet Jessica, who’s just as smart and beautiful?

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Borich cites pressure to keep dating around so that his married friends can live vicariously through his enviable lifestyle.“Meanwhile, all my single guy friends love their freedom and tell me to keep dating, too.” Like Garofola, he finds the city’s surplus of datable women to be a con — not a pro — when it comes to finding a potential mate.“There’s temptation everywhere,” says Borich, who finds most of his dates through Bumble, Happn and Plenty Of Fish.That can be taxing after a while.” Borich wishes he could cut back on the number of women he sees per week.“I sometimes hate dating in NYC because it’s like a job interview.

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