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It’s not every day that Erykah Badu sits down for an interview. Envy: It’s hard to break up with a light skinned person, man.

So we were happy to learn that she recently spoke with “The Breakfast Club” crew.

After she prepares herself, fear is never a part of it.

I expected success and health, so I made sure I surrounded myself with it.

’ I said, ‘Don’t worry, I got something to throw at his head.’ And he said, ‘What you gonna do, throw some money at him? I’m just grateful that they support me while I do this.

After they broke up, Common did some soul-searching and realized there was something strange about the way he behaved during that time.

In a 2015 interview with Inquisitr, Badu discussed what it’s like being a mother.

She told the outlet, “The best part of being a mom is that I get to grow with my children…

“Your light is created for you to be in this world and put that light up on a lamp stand so that anyone who walks into that roomwill see that light. Sometimes we dim our light, most importantly, because we don’t truly believe in that light.

“Well, as I started to discover that I didn’t believe in my path, even though I found my path, I started to work on myself. And that took like, me sittin’ down reading books that fed me. Waking up in the morning, saying the things that I wanted. Believin’ it and speakin’ it till I started believe in it more and more.

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