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So, figure out what "type" of person you imagine dating. If you love the outdoors, join a whitewater rafting club. Ask someone at the grocery story what they are buying and why they like it. Let the universe conspire in your favor." -Parikh"Although dating apps have become a major factor in how people meet nowadays, there are other ways to meet the love of your life.The best activities continue for a few weeks, giving you the opportunity to get to know new people slowly over time." -Parikh"Assess how you project yourself into the world. From there, you can move into the zone of making conversation easily throughout your day--at the doctor's office, the drugstore, and the gym. During app-less April my advice is to take up activities that improve some aspect of your life while allowing you to meet people — for example a sporting activity.

Boston declined and the plans eventually fell through, leaving the show to be picked up by Real and Chance.

Either way, it's the perfect time to break our patterns and learn something new in the process.

Here are experts' best pieces advice for those of us venturing into new territory as we take a break from our dating apps."My best advice for App-less April is to not only take a month off of dating apps, but to take a month off of dating!

Flirt with a stranger in line at the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop.

Try to connect with as many people as you can by smiling, having eye contact and using real words — not emojis." - Ravid Yosef, Dating And Relationship Coach"Taking some time off might give you a good chance to work on yourself or simply focus your energy on something else.

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