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But even among the Life Streamers who are adult industry professionals, the majority of their content is safe for work.Life Streamers can tag certain parts of their day like when they cook a meal or put on makeup,.Hart says she's relatively open except for "some bathroom activities." There's only been one instance of a Life Streamer's account being shut down, Press noted -- the company removed her cameras when they found out she pointed the camera at her closet all day to collect the paycheck.The interest in watching life livestreams has gone up since Facebook and Twitter added the ability to broadcast on their platform, according to Hart.Facebook LIVE Streaming Videos: Several times each week both Carole and Brittany will walk around the sanctuary or follow keepers and answer viewer questions while streaming LIVE on Facebook.Find replays of those videos at https:// You Tube LIVE Streaming Videos: Most Saturdays are pm EST keeper Bridget and Andy will walk around the sanctuary together for you to enjoy the cats.

"These girls who aren't even putting themselves out there are getting these requests."Hart, who majored in sociology and minored in psychology and women's studies at Ball State, said for some viewers the draw may be the unexpected sexy moments that could occur on a livestream.You can also earn extra "tips" or encourage others to go to your private room for extra cash, Hart notes — though how you want to motivate people is up to you.Currently, there are about 15 Life Streams, and about one-third of the subjects don't work in adult entertainment.But when it comes to her Life Stream, she estimates 80 percent is safe for work.Besides snoozing, you can see her folding clothes or playing with her cats.

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