Vibration of self consolidating concrete open dating relationship definition

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SCC does not use a high proportion of water to become fluid – in fact SCC may contain less water than standard concretes.

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As a high compressive strength concrete, SCC delivers these attractive benefits while preserving all of concrete's normal mechanical and durability qualities.

The two vital admixtures used for making SCC mixes are polycarboxylate (PCE) high-range water reducers (superplasticizers) and viscosity-modifying admixtures (VMA).

Polycarboxylates extend both the high-slump placing time and the maximum spread over previous admixtures.

Self-consolidating concrete is designed to avoid this problem, and not require compaction, therefore reducing labor, time, and a possible source of technical and quality control issues. Okamura at Ouchi University, Japan, at a time when skilled labor was in limited supply, causing difficulties in concrete-related industries.

The first generation of SCC used in North America was characterized by the use of relatively high content of binder as well as high dosages of chemicals admixtures, usually superplasticizer to enhance flowability and stability.

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