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This is done using reviews or audits and user trials.It differs from quality control because it is concerned with the acceptance of the definition of the deliverables while quality control is concerned with whether or not the deliverables meet their quality requirements.That being said, our validation standards are very stringent, and occasionally customers will have to contribute a particular document, respond to a specific email, or follow some simple online instructions before we can finish the certificate validation procedure.Usually these requests can be completed within a matter of minutes.There are exceptions to every rule, as well as unforeseen circumstances, both on our part and on the part of a client, that could delay the issuance of a certificate for a period of several days.In very extreme cases, there may be an even greater delay while certain issues are resolved prior to the issuance of your certificates.

Scope validation confirms that the work being considered matches the details in the WBS, project scope plan and project plan.

The first time an order is placed for a particular company or domain, there will always be an authorization email that gets sent out automatically to the email contacts listed in the whois record.

If you have access to that email, you can follow the included instructions to approve that certificate in just a few seconds.

Because most of the verification work is done on our end, getting your organization verified is probably going to be easier than you might think.

We generally ask for very little help from our customers, and certificates can almost always be issued in under an hour.

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