Validating gst registration numbers

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This is much more than simple tax evasion and could be termed as a robbery using mass’s ignorance towards GSTIN and how easy and quick is it to verify GST Number.

It is getting tougher each day for the businesses (both B2C and B2B) to operate without verifying GSTIN when there is so much buzz around GST these days.There are two ways to verify GSTIN online instantly: It has also come to notice that the guys have devised innovative ways to fool people and ultimately the government.They just put an alpha-numeric code, against the GSTIN heading to dupe the consumers, which unarguably resembles a GSTIN.The businesses do not want to be seen as violators but also do not wish to be a part of the new taxation regime.This is leading to an illegal and hazardous scenario, wherein the so-called GST invoice reflects the GSTIN ID with the proper CGST SGST break-up and the tax is collected from the consumer but doesn’t head towards the government, because it is fake.

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