Validating during keypress

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Handling and validating forms on the front end as you saw, can often become a pain in the bum, especially when forms become big and need to be split up.Using Vuelidate makes the whole ordeal a lot more bearable.In tandem with Vuelidate-error-extractor, displaying error messages under each input can go from a tedious repetitive chore, to simply adding a wrapping component or two, that do it all for you.Dedicated web developer, with a passion for fast, reliable, cutting edge software.Enjoys writing articles, open sourcing code, authoring libraries and teaching people. Hosted on Digital Ocean All code belongs to the poster and no license is enforced.Again, the idea in this directive applies to all frameworks.There is a concept of “mask” for text input to do a similar job.

The main drawback of number input is the inability to apply the This solution almost meets our needs.

However, due to the nature of numbers, the number input box accepts values containing decimal points and number values in scientific notation.

For example, you can input “1.00” as a number in this w3schools example, and the input box doesn’t complain.

Thanks to Vue's reactivity model, it's really easy to roll your own form validations.

This can be done with a simple method call on the form submit, or a computed property evaluating input data on each change.

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