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According to a Bankrate Study, open floor plans are on the top of the list when it comes to home buying and home ownership.

Homeowners want an open floor plan where the kitchen, family room and dining room share one vast open space.

Another trick of the eye that gives the illusion of open space, is mirrors.

Mirrors when placed opposite windows reflect light into the room and make the room seem more open.

But they definitely wouldn’t work beside my extra tall king-size bed.

The biggest question I get, aside from what color is that, is – where did you get those legs?! This squat, old 1970s dresser would never have transformed into this stately buffet without them.

With this in mind, owners of antique furniture are often left wondering how to restore treasured pieces to their former glory.

Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess that it creates.

There are numerous finishes to choose from such as bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless.

With so many modern choices on the market it may be hard to decide what best suits your home.

While it’s easy to restore old wooden furniture on a DIY basis, we'd always recommend ensuring you use the correct products.

Our guide below talks you through furniture renovation and cleaning done professionally.

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