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So if you’ve got three calendars in i Cal, say, Home/Work/Play, which are assigned the colors green/blue/orange, respectively, those same three calendars, when synced to your i Phone, may be assigned the colors red/orange/blue.It seems obvious that the colors should carry over to the i Phone from i Cal — but if it’s a bug, it wasn’t fixed in i Tunes 7.7.1.Mobile Me syncing and i Tunes syncing are mutually exclusive.

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So, using Mobile Me solves of my significant complaints regarding calendaring syncing with i Phone OS 1.0: events sync over the air, and it provides full support for multiple calendars.The biggest downside with this system was the obvious one: that syncing only occurred when you tethered your i Phone to your Mac and synced with i Tunes.I, for one, am not a frequent i Tunes syncer, so my desktop and i Phone calendars frequently were, well, out of sync.Things like holidays, sports schedules, movie releases — Apple publishes an entire directory of them.The same goes for calendars published to the Internet from someone else using i Cal.

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