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Methods are available with the scripting environment that make it possible to automate these changes without having to open a project.You have control of updating data sources for individual layers or tables, or you can update all the layers or tables in a common workspace at once.The following members are used with changing data source workflows: parameter.These parameters can be either a full path to a workspace, a partial string, a dictionary that contains connection properties, a partial dictionary that defines specific keys, or a path to a database connection (.We might also have a requirement to use different property values when our application is under test.” directory during a test run.Again, default properties will still be injectable as normal but will be overridden these ones if there is a collision.There may be times, especially when updating all data sources at the project level, that you do not want these associated sources to be updated.If that is the case, be sure to set this parameter value to , the data source is set to that location regardless of whether it exists.

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Arc GISProject(r'C:\Projects\Yosemite NP\Yosemite.aprx') lyr = Maps("Main*")Layers("Ranger Stations")[0] con Prop = lyr.connection Properties con Prop['connection_info']['database'] = r'C:\Projects\Yosemite NP\Data\newf GDB.gdb' lyr.update Connection Properties(lyr.connection Properties, con Prop) aprx.save()import arcpy aprx =

Arc GISProject(r'C:\Projects\Yosemite NP\Yosemite.aprx') lyr = Maps("Main*")Layers("Ranger Stations")[0] find_dict = replace_dict = lyr.update Connection Properties(find_dict, replace_dict)The following example changes the Enterprise Geodatabase instance and server for all layers in a project.

In this example, the geodatabase uses operating system authentication.

Here are several examples: for updating data sources requires that you work with a dictionary of connection properties.

The dictionary that is returned varies depending on whether it is a file-based workspace or a database connection, or if the layer or table has associated joins or relates.

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