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Without support from anymore, and with many people being uncomfortable with the idea of putting their genealogy information in the cloud, with a third-party company, alternatives are the only answer, and getting used to a new way of recording information on their family tree will be a necessary evil.The tough part of finding an alternative to FTM is that no other family tree software is compatible with it.Ancestry has not offered any suggestions for alternate solutions.The only explanation the company has offered is that it does not see any profit in desktop software going forward, and so will focus on online offerings.You should then be able to access your family tree information in the new program when you open it.

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Some programs you may want to try, that have high ratings and excellent user satisfaction, include Legacy (by far the most popular alternative choice being discussed online), Reunion, and Roots Magic.

You may want to try more than one before deciding on the program you will use in place of FTM from now on.

GEDCOM files are compatible with many different family tree software programs.

Being able to transfer your information, including photos and media files, without having to copy it all over by hand, which could take months or longer to do, depending on the size of your family tree, is a big deal, regardless of what software you choose to transfer them to.

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