Updating collection management

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To ensure that it is the correct title, you can use the 'Preview' button below the search result field to view details of the title.If you do not have the barcode, you can type in the title in the search field and the program will search the online service for any title that matches your search, the search result will be visible in the bottom field.The following steps will help you get started with My Movies Collection Management for Windows.Step 1: Download and Install Step 2: Login Step 3: Add Titles Step 4: View Your Collection Step 5: Change Personal Data Step 6: Synchronize Your Collection Step 7: Windows Media Center Click images to enlarge You can choose to download only the Collection Management or to download My Movies for Windows Media Center which also contains the Collection Management.The basic functionalities of our Windows products are free to use, but to get extended features to enhance the movie experience you can purchase points, or contribute title data to earn contribution points.View the feature table to see how many points the individual features requires.Clicking offline or online will add the title to 'Add Queue' on the right.

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Read more about My Movies for Windows Media Center on the product page.

When the field turns green it means that the barcode is valid.

The program will now search the online service to determine if a title with that barcode exists, the search result will be visible in the bottom field.

The search result for the period you specify will be visible in the bottom field.

If you have TV series these can be added as complete series instead of individual seasons through the title search.

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