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Ages for clonal colonies, often based on current growth rates, are estimates.Several genetically identical males that have reproduced vegetatively.The current record-holders for individual, non-clonal trees are the Great Basin bristlecone pine trees from California and Nevada, in the United States.Through tree-ring cross-referencing, they have been shown to be almost five millennia old.Also have a look at the Eastern OLDLIST, focused on old trees in the eastern US and maintained by Dr.

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Destroyed by Sara Barnes, who set a fire to more clearly see the illicit drugs she was taking in the public park centered around the tree, on January 16, 2012.

The tree has sat in the center of Sliven for 1100 years, serving as a gathering point and a historical marker. As with all long-lived plant and fungal species, no individual part of a clonal colony is alive (in the sense of active metabolism) for more than a very small fraction of the life of the entire clone.

Some clonal colonies may be fully connected via their root systems, while most are not actually interconnected, but are genetically identical clones which populated an area through vegetative reproduction.

Definitions of what constitutes an individual tree vary.

In addition, tree ages are derived from a variety of sources, including documented "tree-ring" count core samples, and from estimates.

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