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The film evolved from journalist Nancy Jo Sales’ 2015 Vanity Fair piece, entitled “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse,” which was criticized at the time for its narrow focus on 20-something, largely heterosexual women in an urban setting.

The piece had extrapolated out their personal dating struggles and turned them into a condemnation of the entire online dating market.

(She also hilariously defends casual hookups as something that , too, so don’t blame Tinder for that!

I mean, sometimes this film is just comedy gold, I swear.) Of course, with a user base in the tens of millions, a good handful of happy emails should be expected.

As for “Swiped’s” milieu, much of its action is in the city.

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But the general slice of the Tinder user base interviewed remains young, urban, and, in some cases, fairly vapid.

“We have some of these game-like elements, where you almost feel like you’re being rewarded,” says Baden. The ramifications of our smartphone addictions are only now being examined, in fact.

“It kinda works like a slot machine, where you’re excited to see who the next person is, or, hopefully, you’re excited to see ‘did I get the match? Apple and Google, for example, have just launched screen time controls aimed at giving us a chance at fighting back at the dangerous dark patterns and brain hacks these apps use.

Dating app companies don’t have any data on how many lasting relationships result from their app’s usage, “Swiped” finds.

It’s odd, as tech companies are usually data hungry beasts.

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