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TOM MEIGHAN has revealed that in the past 12 months he has split from his long-term girlfriend and moved out of the family home after suffering a secret meltdown. I wasn’t taking responsibility and it affected everyone around me, horrendous.” While Tom is slowly getting back on track, the death of a pal earlier this year left him in bits. AFTER the shock death of GLENN FREY in January last year, THE EAGLES founder DON HENLEY said the band would never perform together again.

The rocker has a four-year-old daughter Mimi Malone with ex Kim James — whose initials he inked to his wedding ring finger in 2005. But just 14 months later, they have made a U-turn to re-form without their frontman for a new, two-date festival in New York and Los Angeles.

Rising actress Georgie previously appeared on BBC3 sitcom Ja’mie: Private School Girl but ditched her uniform for her date with Justin.

That would still have been a better fashion choice than his tartan pyjamas.

yes they all have girlfriends - "We have all got girlfriends and we're all really happy."Serge & Tom from Kasabian I think you mean "Club Foot." But Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian did the soundtrack for the movie, writing a few new songs to add to the oldies, and doing all the incidental music.Regarding the reportedly depressing nature of emo music and its listeners, he has said: "Teenagers are better than that. You've been brought up well by your parents, so don't sit around in your bedroom cutting your wrists.Grow up." and was one of a number of celebrities to criticize Simon Cowell's handling of Susan Boyle, stating "It will torture her for the rest of life.He sings lead vocals on the majority of the band's recordings, has a baritone vocal range and does not play any instruments within the group, apart from tambourine on occasion and guitar on live renditions of 'The Nightworkers' Meighan has also contributed lead vocals to the songs "Viva La Revolution" by Superevolver and the Lysergic Suite's "Ghosts on Crusade." He was a guest vocalist on the Dark Horses track, "Count Me In,", Meighan has also appeared onstage with Zak Starkey's band Penguinsrising.In 2013, Meighan began a project with rapper Wottee Watnot (Andrew Wattie) called Mic Rockers, described as "a hip hop/rock collaboration".

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