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The team are currently four years into the five year project.

Artificial light disrupts nocturnal pollination and leads to a reduced number of fruits produced by the plant.

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"What we have shown in this study is that in so-called CAM plants -- Crassulacean Acid Metabolism plants like the Agave -- several of the genes controlling stomatal opening have had their abundance re-scheduled or 'flipped' from being more abundant during the day to more abundant at night.Well-known as the base ingredient for tequila, Agave nectar is now widely marketed as an alternative to sugar.Sequencing thousands of genes and proteins to understand the underlying metabolic processes, the team compared the Agave -- or CAM -- plant with Arabidopsis, a type of cress and a typical C3 plant.Recorded Cams provides free pre-recorded cam shows for you to enjoy at any time of the day.Be prepared to drool at the site of these sexy cam girls and the hot videos featured on this site.

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