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Af- ter paying due attention to the antient poets and hi Aononsr from wtiom ,che moil authentic information can }ft receiv^di the labors of more mf- dem authors have been confulted. nodem Latin and Eneliih wiiters suid comai^ht|itprs» the author muftr npc fac|e( IQ qiol^; a pub Uc ocbu^k^En^^t gf |^ .^fiftai KP be bas likewife A a received iv PREFACE. In the Sicclcs Payens of T Ab- be Sabaticr de Callres, he has found ail the informrition which judici- ous criicifin, and a perfect knowledge of heathen mythology could pro- cure. and every compofidon, difling^n^ied for the ciearnefs and perfpicuity of hi^uicol narradon,;cif geogmplpiciri 4ef- criptions, has been carefully exojpu^. The compofitions of TAbbe iianier, have Mi been ufeful« ^ajia ijj die Diftionaire Kiflorique, of a liii rary fociety, printed at Caen, a trea- fore of original anccdoics, and a candid felcc Uon and arrangment of hif- torical fatts have been difcovcred. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. :r :; ' PREFACE, IN thi^ following pages it has been the wiih of the Author to give the i Boft accorate and (ktisfadtoiy account of all the proper names whic)» occor in reading the daffies, and by a j^dicious cblleffion of anec- ^ dotes and hifloncal h£U, to draw a picture of antient times, not left ! Such a work, it is hoped, will not be deemed an uielefs acqutiition in the hands of the pid Iic, and while the ftodent is inx* dated 19 the knowledse of hiflanr and mythology, and fiuni Umised with the antient fitnation and extent of kingdmns and aties chat no longer exifl, the man of letters may perhaps find it not a contempdble companion, from w Uch be may receive infbmuuion, and be made, a lecond time, acquain M with many important pardcolart which time, or more laborious occupatiott$ may have crazed from His memory.

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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Afc RAD^Ttsia kingtff Sufa, who, wlieri' his wife Panthea had been takeh prlfoner bv Cvrus, and humanely treated, furren* fl' red iiirhfcif and his troop's to the con- qtjcior. Abr ENTILE was made g QVernor of Tai( turn by Ilannlbal. e\otrdthr Di(i Ivtsbv death ^r Jth their Liuii lies, raihci thaii li U ioitt M enr my U hands, l.r L.3t,c.

The attempu to be conctfe, have rendered ttie labors of one barren and uninifaru^ve, white long and nnconneded quotations of paf Tages, from Greek and Latin writers* dubgure the page of the other, and render the whole infiptd and dtfgufting.

It cannot, therefore, be a difcouraging employment now, to endeavoiik' to finiih what others have left imperfea, and with^e condienefs of Ste- ^lens, to add the diffu Te refearcnes of Lloyd, Hoffmas^ Co Uier, frc.

With this view he took tlie liberty to communicate his inten- tion «■ to feveral gentlemen in that line, not lefs dii Unguiihed for parity of criticifm, than foi their claf Tical abilities, and from them he deceived all the encouragement which the d:fire of contributing to the advancement of learning can expedt.

To diem, therefore, for their approbation and .friendly communications, he publicly returns his thanks, and hopes, that • now his labors ar^ completed, his Didionary may claim from them that patronage, and that fupport to which in their opinion the fpecimcn of tiie work feenied to be entiilcd. For the aecount of the Roman laws, and for the fcftivals "celebrated by the antient inhabitants of Greece and Italy, he is particularly indebted to ' the ufefiil collcdlio TM of Archbifhop' Potter, of Godwih and Rennett. ' ■ ' fiill who raifcd temples to the i.-v ■» they (urrendered to AKxandei, after they had been independent fmce the rciffu of Cyrus. 6* 1 Adi s Xkes, an Indian prince, whrt of- fered to furrender to Alexander. 8* ^C* 12." Abisarts, a country beyond the Hy- dalpts in India.

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