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No matter how long you've been dating or how hard you fall for the person, everything is golden. While some couples wait months (or even years) before mentioning the existence of a partner and potential soulmate, the new love of your life has decided it's time to bring you home before he takes you on that nice vacation you've been planning.

On one hand, direction is more important than speed.

Whether you've been dating for 10 years or 10 weeks, hiding your true feelings is by far the biggest mistake you can make.

Hidden feelings can put you in the most awkward positions.

After all, you just endured a three-hour dinner with your SO's parents, and I'm pretty sure this encounter has either inspired you to keep the love going or take it down a notch.

In any case, every relationship has its share of highs and lows, complete with a honeymoon phase and a few dramatic episodes.

For all you know, this is a test to see if you can handle criticism.

If you're "too skinny" for his mom, you casually respond with a positive tone that you eat very healthy and you're just not gaining anything.

If they truly respect you and plan to keep you around, then they'll understand.Under no circumstances are you to fuel the fire with any opinion of the ex.Even if the entire family appears to hate his cheating ex-girlfriend he wouldn't get rid of, your only option is to acknowledge that you've heard all about the person and keep it short.Between the incredible conversations, great sex and endless nights of Face Time on the rare occasions when he retreats to that place called his apartment for clean clothes, life is good. As you make his favorite breakfast, you start wondering where's he's been all of your life and why did he take so long to get here.You finish his sentences and he knows what you need before you open your mouth. As he snores away, fast asleep in your bed, it feels like you've been doing this forever (only you just met and he mentioned his middle name the other night but you honestly don't remember it).

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