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It’s a swinger site that has everything you need to get started, but it’s nothing entirely unique.For those who want to get to swinging, it’s definitely worth checking out.For some, this may be a bit irritating, as they want to have sex and they don’t care about the person too much.For swingers who are looking for a little more, however, this is a nice little feature.They have articles for every kink and niche of sex, and even if you’re not going to join, it’s still worth it for the articles alone.As for the dating aspect, they have a community where you can register and meet other people who want to seek couples and singles for erotic dating or some fun.

Founded in 2001, the site has a simple design and no BS.

They promise “real swingers, no models.” The site has an old-timey design that brings you back to a simpler time of the Internet.

In addition, the site has a lot more, including sex toys and lube for swingers who love to spice things up.

In addition, you can find quite a few swinger parties located on the bottom of the site.

If you live in any of the major cities, it’s worth clicking on and checking out.

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