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It can therefore also be heard while using the original firmware, although it's slightly quieter according to some.

The microphone picks up noise from the LCD because of badly designed hardware.

This has been investigated here but the exact cause is still unknown.

For some reason the FM Radio disappears from certain e200's main menus. If you cannot boot into the original firmware by holding at startup or otherwise cannot get a response from your player, see Sansa E200Unbrick. If the bootloader does not load Rockbox properly have a look at the return code.

If you put your headphones on you'll be able to hear a "click" when the power shuts off.

It is possible for this to happen without any LED's or the backlight being lit, so trying this is also useful if the Sansa seems to be powered off and doesn't react to the power button.

The center button does work for entering charging mode on your player, but only if the player is already powered on and booted into Rockbox.

See the here for a description of how to tell if it is.

The list below shows versions of the original firmware (OF) that can be patched by sansapatcher/Rockbox Utility and have been verified to work with Rockbox.

If the firmware version of your c200 is not in the list, it may still work but just hasn't been verified yet.

If you hear a strange static noise while browsing the menus or during the quieter parts of songs, you are not alone.

This is the sound of the Sansa "thinking" and is an unfortunate feature of the Sansa hardware.

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