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"In the dressing room, there were literally hundreds of different bra and panty combinations of all sizes and colors to choose from, and Kiki offered, "Since you're a blonde, let's try black for contrast, how does that sound!?!

" U svlačionici, bilo doslovno stotine različitih grudnjak panty i kombinacije svih veličina i boja koje možete izabrati, i Kiki ponudio "Budući da si plavuša, pokušajmo crna za razliku od, kako je to zvuk?!!

"When Angela was naked, Kiki looked her over and said, "You really do have a beautiful body, "I think Dave is going to love these!!!

" The bra was cut so that almost the entire breast was exposed, it was really no more than a shelf that helped project the breasts upward, leaving the nipples exposed, while the panties, were of course crotchless, revealing the vaginal crack of anyone wearing them!!!

" malo zbunjeni Angela počeo pitati zašto, ali Kiki samo smanjiti joj off i na zastrašivanje glasa reče: "Ja sam stručnjak ovdje, učinite to!

"Okay, honey," Jake said, "lift your chest up and out, good, very good!!!

Angela, looking a little confused, just stood there and let Kiki open the front of her blouse and expose her large breasts which were encased in a pretty white lace bra!

"Oh, man," Jake said, "your hubby is one lucky guy, I'd love to see his face when he sees your photos!!!

" A slightly confused Angela began to ask why, but Kiki just cut her off and in an intimidating voice said, "I'm the expert here, do it!!!

" A very timid Angela, then replied softly, "Okay," and the proceeded to move her legs wide apart!

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