Six sigma traffic dating tips hep c and dating

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Additionally, it is a misuse of the 80/20 rule to interpret a small number of categories or observations.

This is a special case of the wider phenomenon of Pareto distributions.

It is also important to note this 80/20 rule has yet to be scientifically tested in controlled studies with regards to athletic training.

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As Alessandro Pluchino at the University of Catania in Italy points out, other attributes do not necessarily correlate.

where approximately 20% of infected individuals are responsible for 80% of transmissions, although super-spreading can still be said to occur when super-spreaders account for a higher or lower percentage of transmissions.

This statistic has been used to support both stop-and-frisk policies and broken windows policing, as catching those criminals committing minor crimes will supposedly net many criminals wanted for (or who would normally commit) larger ones.

This is broadly in line with the world population/wealth table above, where the bottom 60% of the people own 5.5% of the wealth, approximating to a 64/4 connection.

The 64/4 correlation also implies a 32% 'fair' area between the 4% and 64%, where the lower 80% of the top 20% (16%) and upper 20% of the bottom 80% (also 16%) relates to the corresponding lower top and upper bottom of effects (32%).

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