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It revolved around this childish idea, the ideas kids have—because they are so much better than adult ideas, right?

" The track "Cannon" from The White Stripes contains part of an a cappella version, as performed by House, of the traditional American gospel blues song "John the Revelator".

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The White Stripes postponed the Japanese leg of their world tour after Jack strained his vocal cords, with doctors recommending that Jack not sing or talk for two weeks.

while on the British leg of the tour, Jack changed his name from Jack White to "Three quid".

We assumed the music we were making was private, in a way.

Meg loves peppermints, and we were going to call ourselves The Peppermints.

But since our last name was White, we decided to call it "The White Stripes".

The record is currently—like the majority of vinyl records by The White Stripes—out of print and difficult to find.

It comprised three songs originally performed by Captain Beefheart, an experimental blues rock musician.

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