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So far, studies have concluded that the hookup culture is most prominent on university campuses, including the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where I spent nine months.

It’s a relatively new form of short relationships, with a strong sexual focus.” Timmermans wanted to find out whether a similar evolution is taking place in Belgium, and which part is played by Tinder, the dating app that has already brought about 10 billion matches worldwide.

During a research stay in Indiana, communication scientist Elisabeth Timmermans became acquainted with the American hookup culture.

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“I found my respondents through social media and traditional media.“Half of my respondents have already met at least one of their Tinder matches in real life.27% of them indicate that they’ve had at least one serious relationship with a Tinder match.The opposite is true for people with high scores for extraversion and low scores for conscientiousness.Respondents with high scores for agreeableness – altruism – report less often that their motive is sexual.

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