Sex chat bots for men

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I am turned on because my fantasy of powerlessness is unfolding in the hands of somebody that I trust, and I can completely immerse my mind and body in this fantasy. The interplay between pain and pleasure, the emotional aspects of a BDSM experience. My fantasy of powerlessness will never unfold in a way that can completely satisfy my submissive self, because I will always be the benefactor in an inherently asymmetrical balance of power.Between a human and a sex chatbot the exchange of power does not flow so smoothly. Sexbot: Sit still, my play thing, and do what I say. Designing a chatbot that is programmed to respond to the user with expressions of a dominant sexual personality does not make for a fulfilling dominant-submissive relationship. My dominant sexbot does not independently acknowledge concepts of power or through its own will accept power, express it, or return it.When these technological innovations meet the sex industry, it becomes a much more complex narrative.Sextech has the potential to expand sexual horizons, and diminish sexual freedoms.The Slutbot SMS experience by Juice looks promising, but it is only available to USA and Canada i OS users. The art of sophisticated arousal (or getting off with a well-worn library card).Moving too quickly to the finale is a real mood killer and makes for lazy erotica – and writing in general.

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If mainstream uses in business and enterprise have taught us anything, it’s that chatbots are convenient and are valued for their ability to make the lives of humans that bit easier.

On paper you might say, of course we can have dominant sexbots, it’s easy. The nuances of the wilful exchange of power in a sexual encounter are themselves brimming with complexities that the sexbots of today are not yet ready to grasp. I may convince myself otherwise during our conversations so that I might experience pleasure, or even orgasm with the self-defined belief that I am powerless to the will of another.

But it will always be self-defined – a ruse that only I control – and the thin veil that separates my belief that I am an equal partner in a wilful exchange of power, and the fact that the power that I have offered has fallen on deaf ears, is very easily lifted.

Yes, chatbots are about convenience and fast communication.

But in the world of text based sex and stimulation, a high quality slow burn that delivers an arousing and authentic erotic experience will ensure that users stay longer and play longer. Then the light was switched off and the women went away, but a blindfold had been placed over O’s eyes.

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