Self updating vcard

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Please help with clarifying/simplifying this document accordingly.Author(s): Tantek Çelik, Mark Rickerby This snippet has all the human readable information needed to produce a valid h Card representation - all that is necessary is to add some additional structure that defines each particular detail.To still get back to the full contact form, which you also get when you create a new contact, you need to click on any of the sources that are listed in the “View Source” section of the Contact Card or the Reading Pane of the People module.

To prevent a Contact Card opened from the Search People box from closing when you click anywhere else, you must click the Pin icon in the top right corner.It contains a file to add the Registry value and to remove it again.This page contains useful tips and guidelines for how to author h Cards, either from scratch, or by adding markup to existing content.To close it, either click on the Close icon or press the Pin icon again and click anywhere else to have it being closed automatically.To always open the full Contact editing form when clicking on a search result from the People Search, you can apply the following Registry fix.

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