Sedating tricyclic

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Experimentation with derivatives lead to the development of the first TCA drug called “Imipramine.”Initially the drug Imipramine was not intended to treat depressive symptoms, but it was found to induce mania.

This lead researchers to believe that it may have some antidepressant effects.

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Butriptyline (Evadyne): This is a TCA that was introduced in Europe in 1974.Tricyclic antidepressants became commonly prescribed for the treatment of major depression and were considered very effective at managing symptoms.Back when TCAs were approved, they were considered a first-line treatment option for depression.These days they are still used for depression, but are considered a second-line treatment to newer drugs like SSRIs/SNRIs and atypical antidepressants.Many still consider them to be highly effective, but newer medications are typically favored by professionals and patients because they carry less side effects and are regarded as being safer.

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