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Right now I get to plan birthday parties and make the holidays and milestones magical. It is my honor to be this little boy's mother, to help guide him as he grows into the person that you will fall in love with. I hope that world is a better place when he does find you, and a statement like this seems totally unnecessary—but just in case, I want you to know that if you treat him well and make him happy, I will love you no matter your gender, race, ethnicity or religion, just like I will all of my children.One day, you will remind him to call me on my birthday. But one day, he will be at home wherever he is with you. I promise to try to find a balance between being in your lives and being helpful without overstepping my boundaries. I promise to try not to give advice unless you ask.It is crucial to choose a wireless bra for the first weeks of nursing since underwire can increase the risk of clogged ducts (ouch).The Playtex Maternity Shaping Foam Wirefree Nursing Bra is an awesome pick for this reason, and because it is designed to flex and fit your breasts as they go through all those changes.Your breasts will be changing and working in ways that are hard to imagine.An excellent supportive bra will make this so much more comfortable.

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So right now while I have him, before he is yours, I will , every kiss and every snuggle.Or maybe it will be just a random day that feels right.Whenever it is that you get this letter, I hope that I will be alive and well enough to fully experience how happy I am to know you.Diana lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and 3 amazing, goofy kids.We spend a lot of time prepping for the arrival of a baby.

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