Rtc seconds count not updating

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Note: if your laptop is still under warranty, be sure to contact Dell before attempting to do any repairs yourself.

Contact Dell Support PSA 1000-0111 and PSA 2000-0111 – (Name of Exception) exception occurred at selector XXh offset XXh.

PSA 2000-0112 – CPU (x): Processor machine check exception error.

PSA 2000-0113 – Processor machine check error detected.

PSA 1000-0312 – Keyboard test timed out waiting for keyboard response.

PSA 2000-0313 – Error detecting internal touchpad or pointing stick.

PSA 1000-0144 and PSA 2000-0144 – No support for Drive Self Test.

PSA 1000-0145 and PSA 2000-0145 – Timeout waiting for Drive Self Test to complete.

PSA 1000-0223 – Interval Timer initial clock output level in mode XX is incorrect.

If you own a Dell Laptop, you will likely have the ability to run advanced diagnostics to give you an indication of why your laptop isn’t booting.

These are called the PSA Diagnostics (Pre-boot System Assessment) and they are accessed by pressing the F12 button when you see the Dell splash screen in the very beginning of the boot cycle.

PSA 1000-0326 and PSA 2000-0326 – LCD inverter error, unable to turn lamp ON/OFF. PSA 1000-0334 and PSA 2000-0334 – User reported that graphics patterns were not displayed correctly.

PSA 1000-0411 – Hardware Detect Error – (s) not detected.

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