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is a battle royale themed dating sim parody game in the works. Are you trying to make friends or potentially find love along the way? it includes a half hour to an hour's worth of gameplay depending on the choices you make and how quickly you read.

Samurai Striker, a world famous streamer and professional battle royale player, invites everyone of all skill levels to join him in Legendex Games' Fighters Cup. There may be grammar (or other minor) mistakes present that have slipped our eyes.

The first two weeks were meant to have battle stars hidden in their loading screens, and there are indeed clues to a secret location in each one of them.

There's a bug with them, however, and they won't be fixed until next week's patch.

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IELTS Academic Test Preparation – UQx – Self-Paced IELTS is the world’s most popular English language testing system.(LOOKING FOR GUEST ARTISTS) Is anyone interested in making an art piece for my webcomic? Please DM me if interested and RT to spread the word to anyone who might be interested in this offer!:) All is fair in love and battle royal when a streamer gets caught up between love of the video game and actual love in @Legend Ex Games Battle Royal For Your Heart. #gamdev #vnlink Want to know how to market your #visualnovel?I've just released the penultimate post in my ' VN Basics' series - Marketing!

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