Rob kardashian dating cheetah girl

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Partner: Kris Jenner is currently dating Corey Gamble, Justin Bieber‘s (more on him later) former tour manager. She literally invented the word “momager” and she is the mastermind behind the multimillion-dollar Kardashian empire, collecting ten percent of the profits from a cosmetics brand, a denim line, overpriced contour kits and Tao appearances of yore.Khloe and Lamar fell madly in love quickly and were married after less than a month of dating.Eventually, their issues came to the surface and she filed for divorce.North West (our eventual queen) is a style icon, Saint West is the cutest baby of all time and newborn Chicago West who Kim is making everyone call Chi.Baby Chi was born on January 15, 2018 via surrogate.So, if Kris Jenner is the trunk of this tree and Kim is everything that gives it life, Khloe is the most relatable thing about the whole fucking tree.Khloe is the funny one and she’s been the voice of reason for many seasons of Partner: Khloe dated a string of duds before her whirlwind romance with NBA player Lamar Odom.

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They separated after 72 days of marriage but weren’t legally divorced for another two years because Kris wanted to turn his 15 minutes into 30.Kim finally found her true love with rapper Kanye West and they’ve been married for over three years now.Children: Kim has three children with Kanye and they are the most beautiful beings in existence.Though she doesn’t tend to be as forward-facing or press-happy as her siblings, Kourtney is the one behind Dash, the family’s successful line of high-end boutiques.She’s also the only one with a college degree, which sounds nice.

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