Richie sambora and denise richards dating again

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We hear a hundred stories about a person and begin to think we know who she is.We're so familiar with her face; we watch all her missteps; we decide over coffee with our friends what she should have done differently.Entertainment's cameras trail her 24/7, revealing all her mistakes and experiences, she might help other women make better choices than she has.Regardless of her good intentions, there's little doubt the show will settle some scores along the way.But most important, it will finally allow the much-maligned actress to show the Denise Richards bashers of the world the difference between their perception and her reality.It's a difference that's evident seconds after you meet her.When I arrive at Denise's house — in a gated community outside Los Angeles — she gently takes my arm and pulls me up the spiral stairway.

She smiles as we reach the top of the stairs and whispers, "I want you to meet the girls, but I hope you don't mind animals," then opens the door to her bedroom.

But we made the decision as a couple not to shield our children.

I'm always pleasant to photographers around the girls because I don't want them to be fearful. Despite the very public battles between you and Charlie, he was your husband and is the father of your children. Charlie is truly a stranger to me, and that's the really sad part.

Do you remember what made you fall in love with him? I fell in love and wanted to make a new life with him.

A lot of people said to me, "How could you go out with someone with his past?

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