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Unfortunately, the little darlings have made all the other nannies run screaming, and the only one left at the agency is the calamitous Millie Longfellow. Dishworth was really written by Henry Seldon, whose family has been feuding with the Dales for centuries. Beth Avery soon discovers that taking care of Rylan’s four dogs is a lot easier than trying to manage their master.

Loving Lord Ash, by Sally Mac Kenzie It’s time for Kit, Marquis of Ashton, to have his “heir and a spare.” He returns to the castle, only to find Jess, the wife he left at the altar, with a naked man . Nerd in Shining Armor, by Vicki Lewis Thompson After their plane crashes, Genevieve Terrence finds herself stranded on a desert island with the company’s computer nerd, Jackson Farley, but much to Genevieve’s surprise, Jackson not only turns out to be quite resourceful, but also quite sexy. Once and Always, by Julia Harper As far as Maisa Burney is concerned, the one-night stand she enjoyed with Sam West was a one-time thing.

This list is just a small sampling of the books that gleefully combine love and laughter.

We’d love to hear which lighthearted romances bring a smile to your lips and a delight to your heart!

Please note that the tricks or techniques listed in this pdf are either fictional or claimed to work by its creator.

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Sweet Haven, by Shirlee Mc Coy Adeline Lamont has her hands full running her grandfather’s candy shop; dealing with the antics of a huge dog with the ironic name of Tiny; and helping with a color-challenged septuagenarian’s wedding. Too Good to Be True, by Kristan Higgins After her ex-fiancé starts dating her younger sister, Grace Emerson is desperate to deflect her family’s attempts to fix her up with another man, so she invents a new boyfriend for herself. Right” in Grace’s life sounds exactly like her next-door neighbor, Callahan O’Shea.

You Slay Me, by Katie Mac Alister It’s bad enough when Aisling Grey finds out she’s a Guardian, someone who guards the portals of Hell, but then she discovers Drake Vireo, the guy she likes, is really a dragon.

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These readers know there are more than a few grins, giggles, and guffaws on the road to happily-ever-after. And while he could really go for this smart, sexy woman with the killer bod--if that's the only thing "killer" about her--he knows he needs to wine and dine her and discover the truth. But Quinn's really an undercover cop hunting down a serial killer, and he sees Lucy as his top suspect.Fortunately, when it comes to laughter-laced romances, the romance genre has an enormous range of humorous choices available.From the sophisticated wit of Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances to the more slapstick type of humor found in Katie Mac Alister’s books, this list of some of our favorite humorous romances proves there really is a romance out there that is certain to tickle any reader’s funny bone.

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