Pros and cons of dating a single mother

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Quite honestly, how many married parents can count on the opportunity for a "mini-vacation" every two weeks?Of course, it doesn't always turn out to be a relaxing time, but having the house child-free allows the single parent uninterrupted time to compete chores or projects that have gone undone or unfinished in the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life.(Getting a chance to sleep in also rated high on the list of activities single parents do on "visitation days.") on parenting issues at home.What the single parent says at home, goes, and there is no one around to contradict them. Not having to share time, money, the children on a daily basis, or information you do not wish to divulge results in less stress and can be life-changing if your former partner was controlling.As the sole parent in the household, you know exactly what needs to be done, and how to accomplish it.With no spouse to negotiate or argue with over day-to-day responsibilities and expenditures, things get done more quickly and efficiently.In some cases, where the noncustodial parent has weekend or overnight visitations, custodial parents admit that is another advantage of being a single parent.

According to many divorced single parents, the end of a marriage can mean as well as extra responsibility.

In some cases, a period of adjustment is needed before a calmer household becomes the norm; in others, where family relations have been particularly toxic, the positive effect can be immediate.

Additionally, single parents have a unique opportunity to strong, ethical behavior for their children.

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