Policies on dating in the workplace best professional online dating sites

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Given how common office romances are, it's important to have a clearly established company policy that is communicated to employees explicitly.When 40 percent of office romances became serious, long-term relationships or even marriages, they have the potential to impact the work of not just the people in the relationship but also their co-workers."Following these steps can help reduce a company's potential liability if an employee decides to file a sexual harassment lawsuit." That's not to say that all office romances go south. In addition to his full-time position at Business News Daily and Business.com, Adam freelances for a variety of outlets.An indispensable ally of the feline race, Adam is owned by four lovely cats."They also may lead to conflict and claims of disparate treatment or sexual harassment." In most cases, managers and employers can mitigate the potential negatives of workplace relationships with a well-established set of policies that are clearly communicated to employees.For employers, managing office romances is all about the reduction of potential harm, and there are several steps they can take toward that end.

Bottle Cap Challenge Spin-kicking Its Way Into Social Media Sensation It’s precisely that kind of persistence that several major companies are cracking down on.[See our related story to better understand how to conduct sexual harassment training in your workplace.] Establishing a solid workplace relationship policy and making sure your employees understand it is a great start, but it won't solve all the problems associated with office romances.Survey results show that even with the best policies in place, office romances can be a difficult thing to manage.Having a plan in place and a process hammered out for the romantic partners to follow when their office romance begins can help prepare management for any potential issues and cover your business's bases to the greatest extent possible."Workplace relationship policies should place requirements on employees to adhere to the company's anti-harassment policy and its reporting mandates," Dikas said.

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