Parenthood cast members dating katie leung and robert pattinson dating

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Mae: We went to Berkeley, and that's where we kind of met everybody for the first time. I was barely 20 and Sarah was 16 or 17 and here was this kid hanging out with us. He was my boyfriend at the time, and he came on to record because he was a musician. He actually helped me write all the music that I've sung on this show so far. Glamour: Let's talk about the thing on everybody's mind from last season's finale: How on earth did Amber and Ryan have sex in that hospital bed when he could barely move? Glamour: What did you think when you found out Amber was pregnant? I wanted something like this to happen because I want to see her have something in her life that's going to move her forward.We walked to the Berkeley pier, and I remember being so blown away at how sensitive and present and kind he was. He's a real "throw the coat down on the puddle" kind of a guy. Glamour: Let's move on to my next TV crush: Sam Jaeger, who plays Joel. I think we've probably all had similar things where you have this weird relapse with somebody that you love.Glamour: In our 20s and 30s, friendships change so much.Husbands and kids enter the picture, and I've had friends drop off the earth, which is so sad. I think anybody who is really present in their relationships and in trying to be the best person they are goes through this, even with their closest friends.

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" He thought I was cool, so that was an exciting leg up for me. Every time I see Ray Romano, he's like "I've got some questions for you about the hospital bed." I'm like, "Ray, no, we're not talking about this now."Glamour: That scene with you and Matt was just so good. These characters have been through so much over so many seasons. Jason [Katims] probably does, but also there's times where things change if inspiration strikes or a moment seems to lead you somewhere.Mae: I do have an acting coach, Andrew Magarian, who's the best and has been with me since I was three. When it comes to crying, if you don't feel it, you don't feel it. It's exciting to see who else I can be in the morning and try new things. I felt so comfortable because at the end of the day, my main thing is comfort. Mae: There's a great waxing place called Stark. Glamour: Switching gears now, let's talk about friends. Glamour: What's the most important lesson your friends have taught you? I'm an only child, and I think I get very control freaky.I don't read in the script "Amber cries in this part." You go in there and tell the truth, listen, and if something feels real, then I'll start crying. This cast is my real family, so when I see Miles going through something or when I'm talking to Lauren or having a scene with Peter, it doesn't take much to be really present. You're just in a different place, and that's honest too.. I'll dye my hair red and see what makeup looks good with that and dye my hair black and go to Sephora and be like, "What now? I'm all about pretty plain, '90s Gap comfort style, so it was nice only having to spend five minutes on my hair.__Glamour: Has the show ever said, "Make sure you tell us before you cut or dye it? They are so cool about that, and I think they liked it because she was a teenager doing that and now we've all looked back and went, "Jesus, what was I thinking? In this industry, you meet a hundred million people a day that you love and care about and want to hang out with all the time, but I'm also kind of a recluse and a slow mover, so it's really hard to keep in contact with everybody.We became super close right away, and she's been one of my closest friends since. Glamour: We'll be here all day if I ask about everyone else, but tell me who your favorite guest star has been.Glamour: What stood out when you were filming the pilot episode? Mae: Actually my ex-boyfriend Landon Pigg was on one year.

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