Origin of the word dating

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One version is with horse racing the jockey doesn't even have to lift his hands to guide his horse if he's way out in front.Another one is for boxing in which the opponent is a pushover and so the winner doesn't even have to raise his hands to protect himself.New England chicken farmers discovered that chickens born in the Spring bought better prices, rather than old birds that had gone through the winter etc.Sometimes farmers tried to sell the old birds as a new spring born chicken.

All cities that grew as a result of being on rivers (for trade) suffered during bitter cold times when the river froze.

Franklin was approached by a stranger who stopped to admire the family grindstone.

He asked to be shown how it worked and offered Ben Franklin an ax to demonstrate.

Karl Capek, a Czech playwright was a pioneer in science fiction. The Czech term for work or drudgery was robota, and so Capek shortened his characters to be robots.

Benjamin Franklin published a lot of stories, one of which he was the central character.

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