Online dating marriage divorce

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Finally, dating before a finalized divorce agreement could affect your success in getting what you need from the split.

Spousal support and asset division could hinge on your dating situation, meaning you could receive less from your former spouse if it appears you have a new partner.

The court defines cheating as a voluntary sexual act with a person who is not a spouse.

When the court looks at whether either spouse cheated during the marriage, the court considers each spouse’s behavior up to the point of separation.

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Even though it’s easy to want to vent your frustrations by quickly creating an online account, your best bet is to wait until you’ve fully separated in order to establish an online dating presence.For example, saying you are single when you're still in the process of divorcing your spouse could be a roadblock for your argument.Lying about having children or seeming to hide that fact could be a major knock against you in custody decisions.In fact, North Carolina law says that when the higher-earning spouse commits marital misconduct like cheating, the court must award alimony to the other spouse.If the spouse that would otherwise receive alimony cheats, the court may deny alimony.

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