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Jewish Dating Service JRetro Match helps online daters spot Red Flags New York, NY— November 8, 2011 - With nearly a fifth of married couples during the past three years having met online, it has become an extremely common way for people to find love.

Online Dating is a great way to meet new people, and has a fantastic success rate at making marriages, which makes it really appealing.

JRetro is one of those popular and successful services, and serves the Jewish singles community worldwide.

JRetro Match, and partner site Saw You At (which focuses on the Orthodox Jewish community), has the differential advantage over other sites by having 350 dedicated matchmakers setting up its members, leading to over 1,300 members married.

Although JRetro Match highly recommends that the Jewish singles independently investigate any person that they go out with, the site does look into members, and does selective reference-checking.

Tips For Identifying A Scammer: The Jewish Dating sites also give the following advice to prevent online daters from giving out personal or financial information with people they are unfamiliar with.

Matchmakers are also there to give members advice throughout the dating process, and discuss any concerns.

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JRetro Match AND JEWISH DATING COACH ARNIE SINGER JOIN FORCES New York, NY— March 16, 2010 - JRetro, announces partnership with famed New York City dating coach and rabbi, Arnie Singer.

As with all methods of meeting people, whether through friends or when meeting someone at a bar, JRetro Match says it’s crucial that those dating put themselves in a safe environment.

Whether through fraudulent profiles or suspicious characters, daters should be aware of the red flags that can be found throughout the dating process.

“Dating can be hard for anyone,” explained Michelle Lewis, the head matchmaker and general manager of the j-junction site.

“Here in Australia, Jewish singles, if they can’t travel to the US or Europe to date, have an especially hard time, because the dating pool simply isn’t that big.” j-junction was created to help these singles meet each other in a more discreet and confidential manner than online dating.

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