No call rule dating

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I immediately told my best friend that I basically invented the lightbulb of breakup advice. If people knew that the worst breakup symptoms only last three weeks, it would make them much easier to deal with! My friends mostly laughed off my grand discovery, although they couldn’t help but admit that I did seem to be much happier; they were relieved to have “their chipper Hest” back.

Still, I couldn’t stop thinking about this three-week coincidence.

It was then that I started thinking back to my previous relationships and breakups.

Routines like going to the gym and even getting out of bed took 50 times the effort they normally did.

My mind was constantly racing, I had a hard time focusing on school and at work, and I felt anxious all the time. I had a spring in my step, my mind was clear, and I had a productive day at work.

Each time you disrupt the detox process, you are relapsing.

The clock starts over, and a three-week recovery period can easily turn into three months (or even years).

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