Nicholas hoult dating april pearson

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Mitch also tried his hand at stage acting in 2009, appearing in Never Forget, a musical based on the songs of boy band Take That, in which he played the stripper Dirty Harry.He currently lives in Hollywood and is attempting to pursue acting in the US, most notably getting turned down for the role of Sam in Glee.In fact, the most recent picture I could find of him was from 2009 when he appeared in 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth.Also, someone on a message board posted a NSFW picture of him that I don't really want to find again.Joe Dempsie Joe is/was the voice of Clearasil adverts in the UK (LOL forever). Who (series 4 episode 6), playing the character Cline. In 2009, he was in The Damn United with Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Spall and Stephen Graham.In 2010, he again returned to television for two episodes of This is England '86.

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He's awesome, but was unfortunately in The Last Airbender which flopped pretty hard.This year, she was in two episodes of The Sparticle Mystery as Anita and will be seen in the TV movie Shirley as the character of Iris. Mitch Hewer The resident pretty-boy, Mitch has been doing a decent amount of magazine spreads since his run on Skins ended in 2008--he appeared on the cover of Attitude twice (though that was while Skins was airing), posed nude in Cosmopolitan in aid of testicular cancer research, and had a photospread in Troix earlier this year.He went on to play Danny Miller in Brittania High, though the show was canceled because of low ratings.It seems as though she was doing mostly theater work and living around Bristol, having appeared in two plays at Bristol's Old Vic in the spring and fall of 2009.From what I can gather on her Twitter, she's living in Worcester now and still active in the theater community (she just got back from Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

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