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I’m a woman, earlier lived in india, im going anonymous for obvious reasons. For many of us women, it was a golden rule of childhood. Saying a quick ‘Hello Mr Guy’ before diving in to the back of the car, or turning the corner is No No.

I used to get sensual rubs, happy endings etc from guys , when i travel to work for another city. Yet, beyond that smart phone, bestseller and awkward glance – is a world of opportunity. The solutions to all of our problems and the next best friend.

Craigslist worked for me I thought of looking to figure out professional likeminded people, but not people known to me. I often find myself telling a stranger my life story and wondered why the words are flowing so easily?

I never judged anyone for going to get a massage but felt it wouldn’t be something I would enjoy. We like massages and we like orgasms, so why shouldn't the two sometimes come hand in hand?Because its mutual fun between adults , this was the safe way for me to have fun without any hassles.And the best part is its free, the guys are non judgemental and mature to understand what a woman really needs in a yoni rub You have to be open to having that kind of experience and not exactly be subtle about what you want.The disadvantages is their availability, not the model type and a bit mature ( this helps).I find the likeminded traveller adults good b’coz it helps me build trust, open channels of communication and develop mutual understanding, and something legal between 2 consenting adults!! Perhaps you'd like to develop or push your experiences further in a specific direction; something intrigues you and you would like to try it out - the options are plenty to take things further! Wake up , take bath, go to office, come back to hostel and sleep. I was sensually struggling to understand , mostly i used to massturbate and by some means i got a vibrator.

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