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The album was a moderate financial success and garnered solid reviews, but no official follow-up album has ever appeared. Over the years, she has worked on tracks with Maynard James Keenan (of the band Tool) and Danny Lohner (former Nine Inch Nail contributor) as well as working on her own music.

Her current material exists in a state that she refers to as “demos” and Milla give them away for free via the web.

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After that she quit this business saying: “I am an artist and cannot handle these shipping rates and taxes etc”.

From there, the family went to London then to Sacramento, California and finally to Los Angeles.

Milla’s mother, Galina tried to break into American film and television, but found the language barrier a problem.

Many of Milla’s fans may be unaware that she has been working on music since 1988.

The most well-known of her musical projects was an album called The Devine Comedy, which was released under Milla’s first name.

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