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Rather than |ust sending one mailbox frame to one person, whose identity number you must know, you can now send five frames to up to 12 people at a time You will be informed when the mailbox is read, and there's a notepad area which lets you edit and store mailboxes.They still make they way the only way they know how, but thats just a little more then the law will allow.They wouldn't change if they could, they fight the system like a true modern day Robin Hood. * Bo and Luke Duke drive around in the dust a bit shooting arrows at trees then crash into a large ditch trying to jump it.Gazza Super Soccer has a team database which allows you to play any team • Gazza: over 'ere from any English divi On the centre of the son. sion and the Scottish pitch the view is from the Premier. Jackson's fantasy film Moonwalker is being given the US Gold treatment even as you read this, and they claim, somewhat predictably, to be using all the best transformation, battle and chase sequences. Z80 to 8080 10 280 code translator Debugging monitor ana assem tier Reverse assemble- Binary Me comparer plus New Sweep and more CPM DISC 2 - COMPUTER LANGUAGES Price £6.50 Small C. Powerful text editor Soe Mirg checker w t h dictionary Sorter. Comms utility, plus New Sweeo and more CPM DISC 6 and 7 - PASCAL PLUS (Two Discs) Price £10.00 Pascal SCI Cobol EBasic. Expert &6 Powerful text editor, plus New Sweep CPM DISC 9 - COMMUNICATIONS Price £6.50 Mex Kerm t Kermoce Interface and Smart Modem, overlays source code, plus Ncw Sweeo and more PLUS * PLUS * PLUS * PLUS * PLUS Public Domain software s u p p o r t available to WACCI subscribers.Each team is based on side, but when you get near the that particular squad as it starts goalmouth the perspective switchthe 89/90 season, with varying es to an end-on view to help with skill factors and formations reflecting real life. Well known warbler, hoofer and squeaker Whacko Jacko is about to moonwalk across your screen going "Aow! No doubt US Gold expect tabloids' favourite Jackson's charisma and talent to generate massive sales, but it will be, um, interesting to see whether an essentially musical film can translate successfully into a computer game. Powerful text editor plus New Sweep CPM DISC 8 - MORE COMPUTER1. Mega-big h o m e g r o w n library Send £1.25 for full catalogue and details (E and OE).

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