Megan fox and shia lebeouf dating

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It will once again star Megan Fox and Shia La Beouf. Shia La Beouf played Sam Witwicky, Megan Fox played Mikaela Banes, Josh Duhamel played Major Lennox, and Tyrese Gibson played USAF Master Sergeant Epps.

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Even before they became the top-notch thespians we know today, Fox and David Gallagher made an adorable item.

Fox married actor Brian Austin Green the following year in June of 2010, after the two had been dating on and off since 2004.

Spilling some tea, Fox replied "I mean, I would confirm that it was romantic... I've never been really quiet about that." Fox also confirmed it was an on-set romance and didn't really go anywhere after , but it's safe to say they just remained friends this time around.

Shia spilled the beans on this one back in 2011, but because this is the same guy who wore a creepy paper bag over his head to his own movie premiere, we understandably took his revelation with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, Megan is apparently too pretty to feel shame and admitted to the showmance on franchise, and Megan tried to downplay the situation. I love him,” Megan said, avoiding what we all know was the real question. I love him.” Understanding that we could also say the same thing about our relationship with caramel macchiatos, Andy pressed on and asked Megan to clarify that she had an on-set romance with a man who once described his life as one long performance art piece, which she confirmed.

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